ep004 - Like for Like Culture

February 26, 2017

When it comes to online engagement, one metric gets far more attention than needed, Likes. We have a base need for acceptance, but with social, it becomes an obsession. What we share, and what we don't share, is often driven by the need to garner more likes and remain in favorable standing with those who follow us. The problem is. likes don't matter. 

If you're a business, its engagement with clients and the amount of time they spend with you online that drives sales and loyalty. Often people will watch a video you post, but may not 'like' the video. The view outweighs the like. 

When it comes to being accepted, social activism is another way to show your support for a cause. Changing a filter or going on twitter tirade or getting in a facebook fight to defend/stand up for your beliefs in a cause is lovely, others can see where you stand and join in a show of support. But what else have you done? We've traded actual actions and support for an online diatribe that does nothing but make us feel as if we've done something important. Much like "liking", the action of support far outweighs the "show" of support. 


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