ep010 - Airbnb and Quality Over Convenience

May 28, 2017

This week we discuss the concept of quality over convenience while examining some of the issues that 'convenience start-ups' like Airbnb and Uber dealing with. In a recent incident, police were called to a house that had a suspicious person entering it.  This was a POC in an all White neighborhood who'd rented the place. Where does the blame fall for this misunderstanding? Was this house zoned for Airbnb? Should the homeowners have alerted neighbors? Were the neighbors being good citizens or prejudiced?

While Airbnb offers some convenience in booking and where one stays, what's being lost. If the persons had been in a hotel or an actual BNB, which includes security, the knowledge that it serves different people and is zoned as a business, this could have been avoided. This leads to a discussion about knowing what to expect from an experience. Sometimes, the standard one size fits all is preferred to the new, cool, hip, and unique way of doing things. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!  


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