ep01 - The Inaugaration

January 22, 2017

For the inaugural episode of the State of Social, we decided to tackle the digital switch that takes place after an inaguaration. With Barack Obama being the first 'Digital President' a lot of transitions needed to be made online to usher in Donald Trump. In our modern era much of these digital moves, including clearing out the whitehouse.gov website of Obama's initiatives and replacing them with Trump's, took the internet by storm and created it's own trending news. What many don't realize is if you examine the whitehouse.gov transition between Bush and Obama, the same things occured.

We also look at changes to Facebook's Messenger app and discuss ways businesses could use it to seperate themselves and create a better customer experience and how we stay connected/communicate as people. 


ep002: The “Death” of Twitter

February 12, 2017

In episode 2, we discuss Twitter's declining numbers and what this means for other social platforms when it comes to messaging overall. This leads to a discussion of what is a meaningful message vs the clutter that fills timelines and feeds normally and if we can really gauge what's meaningful online. Lastly, we look at what it means for a company to have an identity other than what they sell. 


ep003: Quality Engagement

February 19, 2017

This week we discuss the idea of quality engagement. When it comes to hashtags, how are they being used and what's really effective. Instagram stories have changed the way we think about content and engagement on the platform, what's the resulting effect? We also look at data and devices in terms of the future of mobile and on-demand content. Can phones and carriers keep up with our demand for more content and content creation? All that and more, on the State of Social. 


ep004 - Like for Like Culture

February 26, 2017

When it comes to online engagement, one metric gets far more attention than needed, Likes. We have a base need for acceptance, but with social, it becomes an obsession. What we share, and what we don't share, is often driven by the need to garner more likes and remain in favorable standing with those who follow us. The problem is. likes don't matter. 

If you're a business, its engagement with clients and the amount of time they spend with you online that drives sales and loyalty. Often people will watch a video you post, but may not 'like' the video. The view outweighs the like. 

When it comes to being accepted, social activism is another way to show your support for a cause. Changing a filter or going on twitter tirade or getting in a facebook fight to defend/stand up for your beliefs in a cause is lovely, others can see where you stand and join in a show of support. But what else have you done? We've traded actual actions and support for an online diatribe that does nothing but make us feel as if we've done something important. Much like "liking", the action of support far outweighs the "show" of support. 


ep005: Mash-Ups and Copyright

March 5, 2017

Mash-up culture is thriving online. Because we share so much of what we do, as businesses and individuals, the amount of content available to remix and create is astounding. The problem is, how do we regulate what’s being created. Or should we be regulating it?

Content creators make a living off of their work and need to share it publicly to gain attention and profits. When someone comes along and creates something new with that content, what then? Are permission and attribution enough? Should payment, even if prohibitive, always be made? Who gets to decide what’s available and who it can be used? Or do we just say to hell with it and if it's online, it's fair game? 


ep 006: Community over Competition

March 26, 2017

We're back!

This week we wanted to discuss something more positive, because positivity matters. Earlier in the week a friend of ours, Gene Philbin, shared some praise of a local restaurant who delivered a meal to him while working outside their pub. Gene runs the Peculiar Culinary Company and his food truck was set up and serving food. Rather than be upset, the pub chose community over competition and brought Gene some food. There's plenty of business for us all to exist and flourish, so why don't we act this way more often? 

We discuss businesses and communities we believe have gotten it right and choose to lift each other up rather than tear each other down. Competition is great and needed, but it shouldn't come at the cost of the communities we are all trying to serve. 


ep007: Put Your Money Where Your Patreon Is (Not Ours)

April 2, 2017

Dan and Leni just get obnoxious and ask, why isn’t NEPA asking harder, and why isn’t anyone owning the "Yes!” Why aren’t companies putting their money where it matters, local community newspapers, publications, column, etc. in an effort to value the work it takes to provide information, improve the community and target their user base?


ep008: NAB The Recap Pt1

May 16, 2017

Dan returns (safely) from Las Vegas aka “work conferences.” We recap his experiences getting to see, play and learn with the latest in drones, VR, 360 and the (free) Davinci editing suite. (Respectively - not all at once). We talk about the slimming down of content generation. The “you no longer need [insert expensive thing here]” advances at NAB for 360 videos, LED lights that no longer need gels, drones that don’t need controllers. Live stream kits the size of a laptop! Face tracking and object tracking enabling gimbals or tripods to follow moving items, ie a knife in a kitchen. Dan drops his theories on storytelling in the 360 format. Specifically, dialogue cannot happen more than 90 degrees apart, because of the unnatural movements it creates for the viewer. Each level turned needs a pay off, and reason to turn. Motivation needs to drive the turn. Think differently? Let us know. 


ep009: NAB The Recap Pt2

May 21, 2017

We continue Dan's recap of BEA and NAB and learn just how much he can drone about drones, (insert groan here). We discuss the future of podcasting and live streaming, and ideas for uses, specifically for universities. Both offer a way to reach the community, serve as recruitment and elevate the school's status...so why aren't more jumping in?


ep010 - Airbnb and Quality Over Convenience

May 28, 2017

This week we discuss the concept of quality over convenience while examining some of the issues that 'convenience start-ups' like Airbnb and Uber dealing with. In a recent incident, police were called to a house that had a suspicious person entering it.  This was a POC in an all White neighborhood who'd rented the place. Where does the blame fall for this misunderstanding? Was this house zoned for Airbnb? Should the homeowners have alerted neighbors? Were the neighbors being good citizens or prejudiced?

While Airbnb offers some convenience in booking and where one stays, what's being lost. If the persons had been in a hotel or an actual BNB, which includes security, the knowledge that it serves different people and is zoned as a business, this could have been avoided. This leads to a discussion about knowing what to expect from an experience. Sometimes, the standard one size fits all is preferred to the new, cool, hip, and unique way of doing things. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!